because they're arrogant sons of bitches maybe?
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Three Cheers for Disappointment is factually the best album ever recorded.

I like Bomb the Music Industry more overall, though.

I have the To Leave or Die in Long Island LP on Picture Disc, and in the hand-numbered (150/156) beach-ball pattern.

Punk Rock sucks.
Circle that A, motherfucker!
^^ how is it "factually" the best album ever recorded?


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^^ how is it "factually" the best album ever recorded?

It's a joke.

ASOB are pretty good, local for me. They're from the next town over from me. However, they are in fact a bunch of arrogant sons of bitches.
They're great, but Bomb The Music Industry! is better.
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I just barely got into this band. Kind of by accident. My friend is buddies with Rosenstock and he told me to check them out so I did and now I'm addicted to Three Cheers. What an unbelievable record. Wow. Time to check out BTMI now
Three cheers for disappointment is freaking awesome but everything else they released isn't as good, I personally prefer Bomb the music industry but ASOB definitely give ska a kick in the arse.
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A few months back, my band was playing a ska show and at the last minute some acoustic act gets tacked on. Turns out the guy was Jay Tea, formerly of ASOB. He played the most hilarious songs I've ever heard.
jay tea is so awesome!

Three cheers is a ****ing awesome album
I wish Pornocracy was better quality, I'd probably love that album to death
I would buy the album(s), but nobody sells them anymore. Quite sad I think.
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Does anyone want to take some time and tab out RocketRocketRocketship for me? I'll paypal you ten bucks if you can get me something detailed and complete. I've been trying to use the video of them playing the song and I got something close, but it's not what he's playing in the video. Bah.