this is getting sooo annoying..

whatever i try it doesnt work..
i hit another string

ive tried :
- playing on the very tips of my fingers
-doing the "doorknob" motion
- etc.

and its happened to me ever sinc ei can remember playing.

what do i do to fix it?
use more than one finger when you bend.. use the other half of your fingers to mute the strings. The tip holds down the string youre bending.. use the flesh of your finger to mute the other strings.

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1. just bend both, fuller sound

2. mute string your clipping

3.practise just hitting one. i only ever have hit one so i cnt say from experience.
I kinda just do it. try very small strokes with your plec, dont strum which could be your problem?
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this mainly happens when i bend UP

mainly on the high e

i hit the g everytime
it pisses me offff
How do you hit the G string? There should be a B string between the two. Anyway, what you've discovered is the need for good string muting technique. You should be able to mute the strings you're getting too close to with the fingers doing the bending.
well when im playing on the tips of my fingers how am i supposed to mute the string(s)?

i just dont understand how you do that
Bend with your middle+ring fingers and lay your index across the strings you want muted behind the bend?

i dont see people using a finger to mute notes when they play

heres what i do:
-take my 3 main fingers
-make sure my thumb is over the neck
-make sure my fingers are at an angle
-fret a note on the high e with the third finger
-press down fairly hard
-pluck the note
-use the wrist motion that everyone says to do
-come back down
and i always get a ringing note afterwards

could it be the strings?
i think its the string going over the b string on my finger when i bend and sitting there
and when i come back down it flops back into place and produces noise.
i would appreciate more replys.
I've seen people using it, mind you they aren't all that good.
Part of playing the guitar is adapting to different techniques if you can't do it a certain way. I don't use my finger to mute, but some people need to adjust things so they can do something correctly. There is no definitive right or wrong way to do something as long as you get the notes you want.