Hey everyone. Ive been playing guitar for about a year and a half now really steady. Ive progressed pretty well i think in the time on my Taylor 214 and have enjoyed it ALOT but have been getting an itch lately and really wanting to buy a new guitar. I really see it as an investment in something i really like to do since i play pretty much everyday and LOVE IT.

Anyhow that being said. Ive really fallen in love with the taylor 614ce. My friend that i live with has 1 and ive played it on countless occassions and really enjoyed the overall sound, feel, and looks of the guitar.

Ive been looking @ allot of 614's and other taylors for the last 2 months or so and am pretty sure that I will purchase the "one" when I find it...

But this is where my question is..

My friend is telling me all sorts of things about "buying a nice taylor" and i take his word for it, but i just wanted to educate myself from other peoples perspectives.

He is telling me that I definitely want to get a 3 piece back, and that the wood look really "ribbed". Most of you who have seen the 614 backs and other similar ones will know what im talking about here. The back of his 614 is really sweet. Tons of small ribbed appearance on the wood. Also his model is the natural color one, just the natural spruce look.

I really LOVE the look of the tobacco sunburst and lately one has popped up in front of me that is mint condition, used and bought since 2004 but very minimal use, the guitar looks very clean..

Here are some pics


Now this is the exact guitar pretty much that ive been looking for. Its used sure but it looks good condition to me plus i know (or at least i THINK) that these finishes are pretty infrequent to come by. Especially with the ES and 3 piece back.. again this is what i "think".... i am a noob haha.

Anyhow i showed it to my friend and he seemed to be somewhat unimpressed by the guitar. he said that the back wasnt ribbed very nicely and that you want a ribbed look like his becuase it helps with resale value.

This is what im unsure of.... Is this true?? will it hurt resale value?? Does a nicely ribbed back mean better wood was used??? are there tonal differences in quality between one that isnt as nicely ribbed of wood on the maple back??

Thanx guys any help would be great cuz im really drivin myself nuts right now. haha

thanx in advance!

I'm not sure about a ribbed back either, but i'll tell you that i just got myself a 814 CE and i love it so much. taylors Expression system is unreal. i love the simplicity of it, and it looks great on the guitar. that is a gorgeous guitar though. how much would you be paying?
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The "ribbing", probably more correctly called "fiddle-back" is a cosmetic concern. It's prettier if it has more, but that does not mean from a tonal quality the wood is "better". The guitar you are showing is beautiful in my mind, and with the tobacco sunburst finish you are much less likely to see really highly figured wood as they would probably save that for the natural finishes as they would show better.

If you've got a good price on that guitar and like the finish, I would not hesitate.
ok yea thanx you two!

now for an important question. what would you guys say is a good price for that guitar.

Stored in a non-smoking, climate controlled area and hardly played. he says it is mint. brand new it is like 2650.

what do you guys think i should pay>

2k?? less??

thanx a ton

The 3 piece back is actually not a good or a bad thing. Some people think they look nice, but it does nothing to help the tone of the guitar or the guitars durability. If anything it hurts it because it's just another seem that could possibly open up after years of playing.

The "ribbed" back, or more commenly known as Figured, is purly cosmetic. Curly maple is more expensive because it's more rare, but curly wood kills tone. If you are going for the best sounding, most durable guitars, you will get a 2 peice back and the guitar will have no curl at all. Taylor likes to using curly maple on their bursts and their natural finishes, but every once in a while you can find a burst with plain maple.

The highly figured ones are being listed on ebay for about 1,800 and the lightly figured ones are being listed for around 1,500 and they don't always sell. I would say that 1800 if a reasonable price for the one you pictured. I might say go up to 2,000 for the one in the picture just because it's quilted rather than flamed and good quilted maple is harder to come by. But only go up to 2k if you have played the guitar and really like it.
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great. thanx a ton corduroy for that info. ima gonna see how much i can get it for but i agree. i wont venture over 2k. id rather get a les paul standard at that ponit lolz!
make sure that the guy isn't lying about the "controlled enviroment". you can do this by checking to make sure that the body of the guitar still has its curves. the back of the guitar shouldn't be flat, it should have a dome shape, but not too much, and if the action on it is good and the neck isn't bent where the neck and the body connect, and it sounds crazy but make sure the case is in good shape too, because if you are in a different enviroment the case is a big deal!! good luck on your new taylor!!!
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guys, i got it. pucture = the rare breed of green fruits that tend to laugh scoffingly and then question a statement. AKA lolwut pears