firstly...sorry if this has been done...did a quick search but didn't find anything..

so, who do you think will die in the celebrity world in the coming year?

my pick for the last 2 years has been Keith Richards but he just seems to get stronger...


i'm going for Fidel Castro

your picks for 2007?

I second Castro...but maybe an older president as well...I would hope Bin Laden but no one can be sure ~_~
I'm thinking that Pete Townsend is gonna die..he's way to old to be jumping around stage now a days....
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Gary glitter will be hung for paedophilia and general crimes against chilren. also hopefully all the emos
second castro and bin laden
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i hope leo DiCaprio dies.hes just to damn hansom!
guy-get an ak-47 shoot him and blame it on his dog
man-he dont have one... can someone siriously help me?!
guy-just jack one froma local pet store. throw it in his yard. shoot him. duck tape the ak-14 to the dogs paw. run.. use gloves.
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EDIT. paris hilton.

she won't die, she'll just get thinner and thinner and eventually noone will be able to see her anymore and think she died and threw herself in the sea

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Tony Blair, OR George Bush, one of them will die. Not both.

Edit: hahahah at jade goody

can't have it all right?
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BB King. He just recently came out of the hospital from an illness - can't remember what it was. He's fat and has diabetes and he's 81. I love him lots but he's gotta take care of himself and lose the weight before it gets to him.
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i think Peter o' Tool he's a great actor buthe is getting up there same with christopher lee and Micheal caine he doesnt look all to well
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