you say your timing got better, lol come on are you deaf. I read that bio somewhere along the line it says "yea learned every song every solo" oh wow its how good u play it not if you can play it hot shot.
hey man, I'm all for constructive criticism. The reason that there are some timing problems is because to record, you need to record every instrument seperately. We are real tight when we play together but it certainly is a challenge to record the drums, then bass, then the guitars, all within an hour.

We aren't trying to be "hot shots" the guitar player, just expressed how strong his passion was when he started covering songs.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
It certainly shows promise, and your guitar player has some chops. My suggestion to you would be to complete your line up, play a few shows before trying to record lots of material. Also, practise playing on your own with a metronome. This'll make you tighter as a player, and when you come back to the studio, you'll be able to work with click tracks etc.

now, the shameless self promotion.....


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