Like the thread says, then I would be happy if anyone with enough knowledge would give a review to the ESP LTD M-400 guitar. Im planing to buy it because I like the simple look and Im going for a guitar with 24 frets, EMG pickups and floyd rose system.

But since I know nothing about the quality and sound then it would be nice if someone posted it.

Or you can email me at mikkelt_henriksen@hotmail.com
I was just about to give you the same link, just remember to try it out and see what your opinion is before buying one, other peoples opinions can help you decide what to try, but you need to decided whether or not it's good enough to buy. Notice that opinions differ alot on those reviews, which comes down to personaly preference and the exact guitar being used, there are lemons, that's why you should buy the exact guitar you try out, or at least order from a good company that has a customer friendly return policy.