how are laney amps?
my friend says laney are good but hes a guitarist so i dunno about bass?


and what so bad about behringers?
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Laney are a nice, affordable brand. I have the big daddy of the RB series and it's a beauty. I'd imagine the entire range are of a similarly high quality. Nicely mouldable tone, smooth and clear highs, warm mids (on a 15"er, probably sound more punchy on 10"er), rumbling lows. Just a dependable, affordable, adaptable amp. Good stuff.

Behringer are a brand that makes Squier look handcrafted. Shoddy wiring, poorly matched amp/speakers, from what I have heard poor customer service... just a very shady company. I always thought Behringer bashing was a trend until I tried some of their gear... most of what you hear about this company is true.
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