Its my little practice amp. And when its turned on the radio station comes through. This problem hapened riht after i blew it and had to replace the fuse, can someone tell me how to fix it.

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Somehow your amp can pick-up a resonance frequency with a local radio station, thats pretty funny actually. Never heard of that happening before though.

The best thing would be to replace the capacitator or your solenoïde so your X would change, resulting in a frequency change that should fix the problem.

Sounds difficult, is pretty easy.
Did you put in the same fuse? Is that the only change you made? It it plugged into a different outlet now?

I'd change the fuse again, move the amp somewhere new, see if it's still happening. It's really not completely uncommon, but that doesn't make it any less annoying.
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swap out ur guitar cable. a shoddy one can act as an antenna.

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Yeah, I got an unsheilded cable packed with my new guitar and it picked up radio loud and clear!
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I pick up radio through my amp every single time I turn it on, and most of the time it's politically-charged talk radio.

I use it as a sweet intro before I start rocking.

We had radio signals come out of my friend's amp in the recording studio. We left it in 'cause we thought it sounded cool.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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My amp does that too; but only when I have the gain on 10 or so, the volume on 4 or so (which is rare; it's a 100w tube amp), and I turn the volume on my guitar to 0; otherwise it's unnoticable. Pretty funny though, really
Happens all the time to me, even with new cables. Depends where we play.
Eh. Just move the amp I guess. Ive never had a problem with it. But I do at work sometimes.
Happens to me every time. Even with new amp and new quality cables.
Im not sure if this is the reason but, I've never had this happen with tube amps-only SS. And cheap cables could be to blame for your case.
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