hi everyone
i was just wondering if anyone else here had any experience or owned a Freshman guitar? i have an FA200CE which i love and think sounds just great. especially for the price, RRP of £340, but i got a little off that in a big buy deal, and i just think its marvelous. i looked around for quite a while for the guitar i wanted. my requirements were a good action and playability, a 'non-shiny' satin finish, a cutaway with good electronics. this guitar came with a Fishman pup, and is very sweet to play. i found a lot of electro-acoustics in my price range and requiremnets had very thin bodies and sounded aweful unplugged, but this freshman has a great all round sound.

i must admit id never heard of the brand before, and bought it by chance as it was the only Freshman in the shop, and i hadnt come looking for it, but ive been very content ever since.

so anyone else used or own one of this lesser known brands guitars?

cheers in advance

Tim Orme Esq
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