i need a midi keyboard thats compatible with ableton live 6 and has a LOAD of sounds and touch sensitive keys

volume faders or drum pads would be nice but I really want good sound the most

thx in advance
It's not the midi keyboard which makes the sound, it's whatever software you're running the keyboard through, in your case Ableton Live. I have an Alesis Photon X25, it's got 10 assignable dials and this awesome 3D 'AXYS' controller, where you wave your hand about to control three different setes of MIDI data.

I strongly advise the Photon X25, cost me around £115 (GBP)
Tool are awesome

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Go for an M-Audio Axiom (25, 49, or 61 keys) it's got craploads of faders, knobs, buttons and has 8 drum pads. Full Ableton Live compliance.
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