ive been looking at the
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Boss SD 1

for wah ive been looking at the
Vox 847
Original crybaby

any ideas guys? they all look good
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What kind of music do you play? 'Cause I have a ts808 tube screamer and a Vox 847.

I'm not entirely happy with my 847 as it doesn't sound great when played with distortion/overdrive. It's ok clean though.

As for the ts808, at the start i didn't really like it cause it took some getting used to. ( i was more used to using distortion as opposed to overdrive). But i quickly got used to it and can get some really sweet lead tones with it through my DSL401. if you have a decent tube amp, i say definatly get a tube screamer.

i like playing a lot of hendrix. im just getting into some rage against the machines guitar riffs and stuff, and black sabbath.
i'm pretty sure that tom morello uses a rack crybaby, which you can't afford.
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I too am working on having a quality OD and Wah. I went with an Analogman ts-9 silver and I am thinking about a fulltone clyde deluxe wah but havn't really decided yet. My local music store doesn't carry much for quality pedals so I'm just doing lots of research and taking a chance. I couldn't be happier with the Analogman ts-9, its awesome.
For an OD, the TS9 kills the SD-1..IMO. I love my SD-1 though, very simple yet good sounding pedal for like $30...
ya i think im gonna do with the SD 1 and the vox 847. but ill be going to guitar center tomorrow to play them. thanks for the comments.
If you have some cash because its not going to be cheap....Check out the Vox Cooltron series for and OD. They have a tube built in that runs cold( get it....cooltron...yeah i know). Well anyway that means no warming up. you essentially if you have atube amp it is going to add one more to the cascading line. The big ben seriously has a balls to the wall sound. I love it. The brit boost is pretty good too, and so it the dual. Seriously....do not overlook these amazing pedals. Plus the Seymour Duncan pickup booster is pretty badass too.

But, if on the other hand money is a bigger issue....Id still go with the ts9. Its just better. Hundreds of musicians dont swear by it for nothing. SD-1 is just ok....thats it....just ok.
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The effects you're looking at are all proven, versatile performers. For the Hendrix thing you might want to go with a fuzz also or instead of the OD.