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I’m stoked for the Taste of Chaos tour. I’m going Feb. 22 at the Long Beach Arena. I am going with one of my co-workers who works at Fontana and was able to get me the second Taste of Chaos compilation before it came out on the 30th. I initially checked it out because I’m a fan of Thursday and As I Lay Dying. After listening to it though, I really liked Saosin’s “Follow And Feal” and Anti-flag’s “Press Corpse.” If you don’t have tickets yet, you should try because I know they are giving away tickets and there should be more info as well. Has anyone else listened to the second compilation yet?
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im only going in san diego if my band wins the competition and gets to play on it
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The band playing this year are pretty garbage, minus Saosin and maybe Thursday. Count me out of any tour with Senses Fail and Aiden headlining
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^senses fail and chiodos are the only good bands, saosin totally sold out, and thursday, aiden, and 30stm just suck complete ass
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Quit making this same thread.

Taste Of Chaos blows hard, the only decent band from those is Thursday.
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Quote by synester_gates
^senses fail and chiodos are the only good bands, saosin totally sold out, and thursday, aiden, and 30stm just suck complete ass

I'm pretty sure I hate you.
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how can u guys not like senses fail how is thursday better than them
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Haha, I went when it came to Melbourne in October.


Yeah, Hahahahah.

Parkway Drive played in Aus, though. They played first, one of the only good things that whole night.
And the night we had out after it was the best night of 2006 for me. Soooo good.
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Yay, I got a mad parkway shirt today, its the one with the circular screws at the bottom, it rips.
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This thread is in a hardcore forum because some of the bands on the comp. are hardcore...look up this is hell, First Blood, and some of the others before you give your opinion. This post is for people who are interested in Taste of Chaos. I didn't ask what bands you dont like.....
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This is hell is playing
maybe i will go

nahhh ill just wait for them to tour with less shitty bands(senses fail ugh)
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they are?!?

I didnt know Thursday were playing either...

What the hell?
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its a shame, that tour is coming within 10 miles of my house and i dont feel like going because all of the bands suck
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