does anyone know if they came out today because i just tried to getta pack at the gas station and the guy said they didnt havem yet but im almost positive they were supposed to havem today.
i live in new jersey and work at a wawa and we have them, and i went to an exxon gas station 2 days ago or maybe more and they had them.

theyre awwesome.
i think just limited stores have thme.
but theyre amazing
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I know this Jewish guy who pierced his asshole.

How will they be different from camel or camel lights? taste even shittier?
I don't smoke anymore, but when I did camel were shit anyway.
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well really its opinionated when it comes to brands but camels my brand so id like to try them... maybe the gas station just didnt havem yet cuz its kind of a shitty one ill check a nice one later
They're not Nintendo Wiis......they're cigarettes........Jesus...........
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yea, do that....cuz it was mabye even 3 days ago when i got them so yea. theyre definatly out. And marlboro smooth come out soon to, suppsoedly the "smooothest cig on the market" but the camels are def. worht buying. the menthols are good. but the colors are gay
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I know this Jewish guy who pierced his asshole.
i dont really care about the looks though id just like a smoother cig right now i smoke special lights which are nice but hopefully 9s are better
You know what's better then Camel No. 9s?

Not smoking.
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