i was wondering if anybody else had day to day changes in the sound of their lineup, it seems like some days i get alot of feedback, and somedays i dont get any and everything sounds great, i have a fender 15g amp which ive been told is a very noisy amp, but sometimes it sounds great, some days my distortion sounds terrible(really muffed) so i guess im wondering if anyone else has this problem
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Not sure mate, it all depends on every single knob, even a minor change could cause you to sound shit. And yeah i have the same problem, sometimes its just yourself thats sounding shit, everyone has off days! Me more often than i should :P
could be a bad guitar cable or a loose guitar input, that's moved the wrong way on some days.

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it may sound stupid, but air density, temperature and moisture [sp?] are a factor too.
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or the acoustics of the room you're playing in?
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Feedback is fickle and there's always some change with a different room.

What's a Fender 15G?

Every day you play will sound somewhat different, there are just so many factors involved. For example, the biggest one I've noticed is the volume. If you're playing at a low volume your tone will sound a lot different than if you're playing very loudly.

I know my guitar teacher told me that when he's recording some days he can get great tones and other days it's just terrible. As I said there are just too many variables, you can never get the exact same tone every time.