Hi, I hope this is the right thread. Can anyone suggest any romantic songs, I'm just bored, I might even get a valentine.

Thanks in advance
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romance/romanza by anon

Bodacious Bob

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here with out you- 3 doors down
some will seek forgiveness, other escape it- Underoath (i like it, but not romantic really)
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romance/romanza by anon

lol i played that song at school chicks dug it is it that one that goes

E- 7---7
^It's a bit different than that, more complicated but still a very good composition.
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Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol works well, as I discovered last night....Creep by Radiohead is a damned sexy song too, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls if you can sing that high.
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Hero by Enrique Iglesias.
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romance/romanza by anon

I didn't know this song so I looked it up and what appears? I do know it but under the name "Les jeux interdits" (the forbidden games)
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these photographs
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Collide by Howie Day