Unicorns and tylenol,
What's your favorite kind of corn?
Cream corn, canned corn, corn on the cob,
Popcorn, caramel corn, maize!

My favorite kind of corn is unicorn...

Unicorns and tylenol,
Kicking kittens for fun!

Unicorns and tylenol...
(there's also the band*)

*In reference to Korn the band.
This is obviously a joke, and intended to be funny.
It was meant to be happy and funny, and dancey.

And in my sig. box is something I used my brain for, if you want to check that out.
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umm wow its how do i say different, it reminds me of beck... on LSD...
Don't try engaging me
The vaguest of shrugs
The prescription drugs
You'll never find
A person inside

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I agree with This End Up
On the note on 2 songs per week, it's no biggy I have all the time in the world. And trust me if this song is ever recording you guys will get a link.
Hehe, this one made me laugh. At first, I didn't get the reference to Korn, but then I read the note at the bottom and I lol'd. Songs like this are hard to do right, and this is a pretty cool one. It's random, but without being disgustingly stupid and inane. Good job. Random songs are fun...

I'd be interested to see how this works out musically, lol.

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i love it, thats about it
its so slapstick and happy go lucky

if youve got time, i'd love to get some response to

my poem
its cool
reminds me of System of a Downs randomosity
but it would work as a song, if you did it Blood Brothers style
mmm corn
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