I just got my JCM 900 4500 and I'm now looking at the 2x12 avatar cabinets. My question is how many watts to go with and how many Ohms. On the back of the head it says 8 or 16 Ohms and it's 50 watts. Thanks
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Not a fan of Avatar. But as long as the cab is either 4, 8, or 16 ohms you'll be fine as long as you switch that little switch to the right ohms on the back of the amp. As far as wattage; as long as the cab is rated at least 50watts you'll be fine.
Well that's pretty much it. At least 50 watts and 8 or 16 ohms. I think most Avatar cabs are 120 watts so you'll be fine. I think 8 ohms is slightly louder, but it doesn't really matter that much.
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