Is the Roland Cube 30X a good amp for around 200? I am looking to spend about 200 on an amp and I was just wondering if this ampw as good. Is there another amp that would be better than this one for around the 200 dollar price range?
If you play more classic rock get an epi valve jr., but if you want something with some more gain, there's no better amp (for the price range) than a cube.
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If you play classic rock and are looking at a Cube...then the VJ isnt a good choice, IMO. The Valvetronix are.
I would probably be playin some Metallica and Chili Peppers type of stuff so would the cube be good for that?
The mid gain sounds are the weakest part of the cube imo, although the clean and higher gain sounds are pretty good. Depends on what style of music you mainly play.
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tool and opeth definitly dont play tube amps . You cant get those distorted sounds out of it. tube is for like beatles stuff right?

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You're right, just about the only thing better than a Spider 3 is an MG : )