Is anybody else curious about when the Queens album will be released or what will it be like? Well I've just looked on http://www.thefade.net and word on the street is that its running title is 'Bound To Midnight'. Also an indefinate track list was posted, it looked a little like this:

1. The Flood (Epic opener in vein of Song for the Dead and Someone's in the Wolf)
2. Get Together (First single, very sexy QOTSA rock)
3. Red Rose, Black Dirt (A dark marching song, similar to Fun Machine)
4. Into the Sea (A very bluesy ballad featuring backup female vocals)
5. Insomniac (Oliveri-esque song with Josh singing)
6. Making a Cross (DS remake, Alain singing)
7. Whatever Will you Do? (A throwback to 50's pop, Josh is in Elvis mode)
8. The Lowdown (70's funk with a robot rock twist, Regular John's successor)
9. Walls of the Empire (Pounding drums drive this tribal sludge of an intense song)
10. Stitches (Catchy pop with grim, disturbing lyrics. What's not to like?)
11. The Butcher (The tipping point, a massive grueling freakout bordering on 10 minutes)
12. 'Til Tomorrow (A sweet conclusion to a relatively harsh album)
sweet i didnt know there was gonna be a new QOTSA album!
well i obviously havnt heard anything about it...
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