I'm kind of a noob to the whole band thing. And me and my friend just started foolin with a four track recently. I also just started writing some stuff. This song turned out pretty cool. simple guitar, drum and bass track with some harmonized voices and some sweet mellow saxophone in the background. It turned out good except for a few mess ups with the harmony. But please tell me what you think. Tell me the truth. I can handle it.

thx. Ill critique your songs if you want!

nice melody and general chords but it just got a bit boring. vocals were good but the two part harmony near the end went a bit wrong. lyrics were very good, and i liked it after about 3 minutes when you can actually hear the guitar and the saxophone comes in. i would cut the first half of the song down a bit and get rid of the two part harmony but other than that i liked the song. very good.
Listening as I type. I think the bass is alittle staccato. The notes are fine, but in my opinion they should ring out more. The guitar kinda disappeared alittle in the background, but the things I heard were very good. Also like the gloomy atmosphere. The vocals were good, but still need some work (maybe lower the volume just a little).

I love the saxophone though. My tip of the day: maybe add alittle jam in the outro. A very cool/slow jam, in the same pace as the rest of the song, but maybe with some more saxophone and guitar solos. That would be awesome, but for all I know that might not even be your style.

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i liked the gloomy atmosphere. a little too much reverb on the guitar. nice harmonies in the vox. recording quality isn't great, to be honest. could be really good recorded better. bass does sound a bit staccato in the chorus. sorry about the randomness of these words im writing as i listen :P nice saxophone - i like it. really melow and just nice


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pretty good guitar and drums, the only thing i didnt like was the vocals, you should turn down the vocals in the mix because they're too up front
working on a new song thatll be up on my purevolume account soon. critique it if you can.
okay, I LOVE the pokemon reference. That's beautiful. This is a reallllly good concept, just keep practicing and you'll get better with the mixing and such. It really reminds me of Harry and the Potters. A lot. Check them out!
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lolz didnt know if anyone would catch that. it was supposed to be a joke originally. but it turned out pretty cool. :-P the other song isnt a reference to that though.
Cubone, I liked it. Nice saxophone solo. Whatever wind instrument you have before the solo I think you should turn up a little bit, I also think you could get a better tone out of your guitar, but it was good, i really liked the vocals.
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This is really nice, i love the relaxed feeling you achieved. The mix was good, but the guitar could be just a tad louder. Lyrics were very nice, vocals were nice lol everything was nice. I really enjoyed this and thanks for the crit...
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