I'm learning to play some Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver songs but they use a half step down tuning, is there some sort of tab i can use to get this tuning. Ive looked on this site but there is nothing for half step down.
have you possibly tried the only tuning thread?
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I'm not getting at what you're asking here...?

For songs that use Half-step down tuning, you simply need to tune all of your strings down one-half step. From low to high, that would be Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb.

If you want to play something like the Sweet Child O' Mine intro, you can just play it all one fret down. Being that there's no open notees in the intro, you can get away with doing that and it will sound the same.

Tuning a half-step down is often a hassle for practicing and stuff, so it's best to have a separate Guitar that stays in that tuning. That's not always available, but if you put your guitar into Half-step down, it's best to try to learn a few songs completely with it, so you won't have to bother with going back to normal tuning again.
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If you have GP5 or Powertab, just tune the guitars one step down, and make an open string thing to tune to.

If not, try googling it? Or the Tuning thread?
Can't you just tune your guitar as such? Or even learn the song one fret lower (in pitch, not position).

ADDITION: Also, I keep my guitar tuned 1/2 step down. It's easier that way, because with a capo, I can very easily switch tunings, seeing as some of he songs I play are 1/2 step down, some standard, and I only have one guitar (that works).
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yeah i have a digital tuner on my pedal from beringer it will tell you everything no matter what fret you hit it will say the note and it will even tell you if you 12th fret is in tune with your open which if it is not you need to adjust
You don't need to retune your guitar to play the song, I leave my guitar in half step down tuning and when I learn a song in standard I just learn it at the lower pitch. I don't see why people stress over whether a song is in standard or half step, and have trouble tuning to either one.
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i dunno if you can do it with your tuner, but on mine, theres a button with "flat" wrote beside it, if you press that one time, and tune your guitar normally, it tunes 1/2 step down, 2 times, 1 step, 3 times 1 1/2. etc.

btw my tuner is Korg GA-30
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btw my tuner is Korg GA-30

Argh, for a minute I thought I was completely blind to that button on my tuner, but I realized it was a CA-30... Damnit.

To Schneiderman: It's not really "stressing" over it as you put it, but I prefer songs to sound at least as close to the original as I can if I'm playing them. Learning a song at a lower pitch is weird, and I often like to listen to a song and make up my own solos, so being in the correct tuning usually helps that a bit.
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just play in standard tuning, half step isnt worth the hassle of tuning all the strings down. it will sound fine in standard