Pretty good, I liked it. Some of the lead seemed offtime at the beginning. Also,maybe invest in a nicer mic or way of recording, this song could be really enjoyble if the audio quality was a bit better. Overall, Good Job.
i liked it. the lead was a little off time but still sounded good. and u need a better mic. keep it up.

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i like the parts. it needs some lyrics for an extra kick up the ass. the clarity of the melody could also be improved. but for what you have, it is good. i'm digging the chord progression.
thanks for the crit
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I liked it.
Is it about fucking?
the guitar sounds kind of distant
cool lead tho - once that came in i didnt mind the effects, but i still think they are a bit heavy
get some other instruments - this song is really empty
its a good start though 6 out of 10

crit mine please
I'd say add some vocals and the sound quality wasn't that good, but the song is good. the two guitars make it even better. Keep up the good work.
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