learn the intro. It isn't hard. My powertab for this is on UG somewhere. Plus, the 10 11 bit in the verse... hold the 11 for a tiny bit longer. Plus the rhythm is slightly off in parts. Good attempt though, and great song/band... although Dave McPherson is a penis and I don't like him based on my chat with him at Download 2005
It's weird, a freakishly high number of people say he is up himself. You wouldnt think you dare piss anyone off when you wanted to sell records. My experience with Inme was quite bad tbh. Especially Joe, absolute wayne kerr if you ask me. Good riddance to his ass. Btw Deliriumbassist, I know the intro but it sounds shite when I play it. I swear you need a pedal... or am I miles wrong? Somebody pls correct me if i am...
So what happened at download then Delirium? I'm guessing it wasn't good...
Btw im a noob so what is a phaser? Is it related to a laser or quaser?
a phaser is an effect that, I believe, takes the signal from the guitar out of phase, distorts it slightly, warps the frequency a little, and recombines it with the original signal.

And Dave was just being arsey, I was just like "great set yesterday mate, really looking forward to the new album" and all that.... the album was out that next Monday... but he was just all "great, **** off" attitude. I love the band, but it kinda sucks when the lead singer/guitarist is just gonna be a pain in the arse.
Yeh but I guess he heres people say that a million times a day on tour..... But then they still get far more complaints than any other band ive heard of..... Who knows....
Not bad for four months, you've just got to learn how to alt. pick!

About Dave being an arsehole, you've just made me feel guilty! When my band are playing a gig and we've finished and we're trying to pack up, people would come over and say 'awesome set, and I bought your EP the other week and it's great!', though usually I'd say 'that's ace, thanks.' then say nothing else. I'll be more appreciative from now on.

Can't wait for InMe's next album! Daydream Anonymous ftw.

By the way, do you realise you look like Greg McPherson you sexy beast?
Pretty good for 4 months!
Really nice, though it looks like your strumming real hard.. try to gently stroke them more ?