I bought some Fender Original Bullets 10's to go on my strat last week. The tone was great, I really liked the classic tone they gave, much better than the ernie ball slinkies i was using before.

Yeah...the e string lasted a week, to the day, actually. Funny enough, it snapped while I was practicing using new bend techniques you guys told me to in the song Texas Flood.

Should I bump it up to 11's? Or not even get these strings anymore.
10's shouldn't break in only a week, no matter how hard you play. Try using a different brand of strings. I suggest GHS Boomers or D'Addrios.

You didn't have string breaking problems with the slinkies?
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10's shouldn't break in only a week, no matter how hard you play. Try using a different brand of strings. I suggest GHS Boomers or D'Addrios.

You didn't have string breaking problems with the slinkies?

they lasted well over a month
i hate fender strings, i play .9 ernie ball slinkies, but im not a blues player, so i dont know what you would like, just not fender. strings are bound to break though when your bending the crap out of em.
My strat came with some fender super bullets on it, and they didnt last that long for how many times I played it when they broke. I'd say there was only a double digit amout of hours on it when it broke. So i bought d'addarios like all my other guitars have on them.
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Not a bullet fan myself. Try D'addario's, never let me down.
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DR pure blue 12s is what I go by

honestly quality control in most string packs is relatively poor and you do get bad strings sometimes

also if it broke at the saddle or nut make sure you check for sharp edges/burrs/things could cut a string or wear it down
I bought them recently,and they seem fine to me.Seems to have more bite in them
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I had the same GHS Boomer 10's i always put on my guitar. A week (to the day) later, my little E snapped. Which is odd, because in the two years i owned the guitar, i have never ever broken a string, no matter how old it was, no matter what i was playing, they wouldn tbreak. But i was doing a bend in the Money solo and boom, it broke.

so i think its j ust bad luck, i put a new string on it today and it seems perfect again
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I used some Original Bullets on one of my strats and the tele. At first they were great but after a short time really sounded like crap. Not like strings that are just old, but truly like shite. No problems with breakage though.
Every once and a while there will be a length of sub par string out there, same with near enough any product that has ever been constructed. Just because this string snapped doesn't mean they always will and doesn't mean the strings "suck".

If you like the sound and feel, pick up a single and pop it back on and continue to buy the strings as normal when the time comes. That said, it is always interesting to experiment with different string types, sizes and manufacturers.
sometimes a string breaks but thats not a big deal if you like the strings and if they dont keep breaking i like gibson strings better tho
I use D'Addrios .10-.46 (regular light gauge) and they have never given me trouble and sound fine. Give those a shot imo.
i use EB power slinkly's 11's n they last bout a month or so (sometimes longer) but they always break at the bridge.. but i got some pretty strong springs in my bridge to hold the bridge down n i'm thinking that it's putting too much pressure on my strings and break them alot.. could that be the case?
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I hear SRV used GHS Rockers, has anyone used these? Opinions?

I use Nickel Rockers 10. They are very nice strings. I'm trying out Snake Oils soon though.
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actully speaking of this, try elixirs since they have an anti rust coating i find them harder to bend and stronger than other brands
Try Snake oil brand strings... i bought 10's and they're great, the tone lasts for weeks, and they hardly ever break
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12s? Shit!

I hate thin strings, they flop too much when I pick.

tuned standard on a fender scale guitar

I want a baritone sometime, too.

You get used to the bending, though, after a while. Just takes a bit of strength.

I can put the G up a full tritone at the 12th fret, which I'm immensely proud of.