has it happen to u that u want to start a band, sacrafice for the team, give it ur all but u cant find people who want to play, or have the gear?
its happened for the past 2 years
i lost 2 drummers this week


oh and our old bassist would quit everytime he got a new game or girlfriend
I can always find people who want to be in a band, but they're either too flaky or too lazy. In my current band, I do about 90% of the work.
Yes, that's been my trouble for the past couple of years now. I have stuff all planned out in my head, but when i try and find band members, apart from the other guitarist, i can't find anyone able to a) play what i write and b) have the time to be in the band. It comes to something when i've auditioned drummers who i'm a lot better than, and i rarely play drums these days. Hardest thing i've found though is getting a good singer.
like its always been me and my best friend jamming but lately he just plays crappy riffs and is all like "lolz guyz lookz atz me'z"

and we had a drummer but he was a druggie,
then we got our bassist who kept ditching us for Xbox 360
and our drummer who is amazing never came to practice
and now we have a singer
so i think im gonna go acoustic with the singer and ditch everyone
oh and i hate when you're doing something cool and showing someone something and they start playing like they know what they;re doing..when it sounds nothing like anything you're playing
Quote by TDKshorty

so i think im gonna go acoustic with the singer and ditch everyone

It's always easier that way.
Just let the good times roll.
im getting into stuff like erik mongrain now...lap tapping
and plus if i get well-known enough ill be like john mayer or jimi hendrix
with my own backing band

this is off subject but does anyone else find playing metal/hard rock riffs on acoustic more enjoyable?

like playing Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria is funner on acoustic
That probably happens to everyone. In the whole wide world.
Meh, making a band isn't the easiest thing in the world, and when people don't want to play, it's either because you smell/suck, or they don't have the same music taste as you.
all the guys around here just want to make metalcore bands
and its gay, no one can even do anything worth experimenting

we had the perfect setup too
i play - blues/every other form
guitarist2- plays hard rock
bassist- funk/metalcore
drummer- metal and weird tribal stuff
singer- melodic sinnging (tbs, something corporate)

man it woiuld've have been awesome bmusic
finally someone sees it my way, i dont suck its just everybody is afriad of trying. thx