ya so I am currently trying to improvise a solo for a song me and my band wrot and i like to use the blues scale for most of our songs and some other scales i know. but this one song we wrote i just cant get a solo going that fits, its kind of a metallica style rock song , but just alittle more metalish (drop D). i need a rock/metal scale that is kinda metallica style. anyone know any???

greatly appreciated
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natural, harmonic, and melodic minor usually does the trick.

if you want to get a little more complicated, add in some diminished arppegios.
the minor scale ?
i like the egyptian scale and the harmonic minor not to be confused but ya thats all i got for now..
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what key is the song in? <<===the answer should tell you what scale you should be using.

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I like harmonic and natural minors for metal. Melodic minors for power metal XD
If it's like Metallica all they use is E Minor pentatonic.
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i think mettalica used Cminor pentatonic. . .but a lot of bands solo on the minor pentatonics

that guy knows better than i do ^^
Harmonic Minor FTW for a neo-classical sound