hi, i'm having this idea of a song and recorded somethin'...it's nothin finished yet, but i would like you guys to give it a listen and tell me what you think of it...ah and don't mind about the senseless doodling in the end


P.S.: nearly forgot the link: http://huebi.timruge.de/musik/gedudel4.mp3

P.P.S.: i know the chords are from under the bridge..
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i personally liked it a lot and i wish i could come up with something, as im trying to think of something along those line, do you think you could me some tips, not about the crap at the end though, just the chords and the lead, any type of chords i should be looking at to get that kind of feeling??

that was decent, needs some touching up, but it was a good start

crit mine plz


its posted on first page
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