I got a jackson King V, the not super shitty version. and i'm looking to drop some new pickups into it. I play metal very similar to slayer, anthrax, megadeth, in flames, trivium, lamb of god, and killswitch engage. Now I have a JCM 2000 DSL amp and i want a pickup set that will give me the gain to do those styles better. I like EMG's but i don't like how if i so choose to play another genre of music later on down the line i'll be screwed for tone then. Are there any really good non-emg metal pickups, or should i just suck it up and get the EMGs? I also move around a lot on stage when i play so i was looking into getting a wireless set up, but once again i dont' know much about wireless systems. Any help on those would be nice.
EMGs are good for anything, IMO. I love my 81 in my LTD through my Triple Recto. And it also sounds good for classic stuff with my JCM900. Very smooth sound.

As for wireless; unless you plan on dumping at least $300 into a GOOD wireless system, skip it. They all suck tone and create noise if you cheap out on it. Just get a good 30' chord, thats plenty long, IMO.
Seymour duncans, i like em better for metal anyway, they have great cleans and distortion.
^ Seymour Duncan WHAT though? They make a lot of pickups.

The Dimarzio SuperDistortion is pretty nice too. Just stay away from the Invader, and the Dimebuckers. Yuck.
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I like the Super Distortion idea and maybe if you still wanted to go higher output on the neck you might be able to use a DiMarzio Evolution
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