Anyone hear of this before? It's a project that must involve aspects of chemistry AND physics. And the group I'm in is stumped quite badly. We've got no idea what to do, so I've turned to the smart* people of UG to give some useful ideas. Please and thank you

* = asshole
oh are you in IB/AP?

we had to do that. dumbest thing ever.

i dunno if this pertains just to us, but our assignment was that it had to be related to the environment.

so what my group did was go to this park and measured the pH of the streams there to test for pollution and some other bs.

IB is BS.
IB buddies! Great!
Any clue how to get May's exams? Though I suppose you guys are yr 12s and not yr 13s.
Look into quantum stuff, it's involved in both physics and chemistry. Is it research or do you have to design something?

If it's research you could look into X-ray spectroscopy. Essentially observing the diffraction of X-rays to determine the structure of things (since we can't actually see them directly). For example, the structure of proteins.
i thought i was the only one in IB on UG because no one ever made a fourm about it guess not.
I know what it is. If it's research, you don't have to actually do it. You just, well, research. That's why I asked about the nature of the project. As I understand, IB is for the smarter kids, so there certainly shouldn't be any difficulty.
Nah it's not research man. We have to conduct some sort of experiment where we can measure things chemistry and physics related. The stupid thing is that we don't even receive a mark from a teacher; it's based solely on self-evaluation and peer-evaluation. We were thinking of doing the ol' mentos and diet coke explosion thing, but then found out that another group is doing it, and it was just cliché anyway. I just need a basic idea of a cool project, perhaps involving an explosion

And yea, I had no idea anybody on these forums was in IB. IB is a friggin' joke. They used to tell me how hard it was going to be in grade 11 and 12 and how much homework I'd have. Oh and they would tell me that I'd have no social life. Biggest liars ever. I hang out with friends every weekend, I work at least 3 days during the week, and I almost never do my homework (besides big projects like Group 4), but I still maintain good grades. But still, I'd much rather be in the regular classes. That would make life so much easier. Eh, oh well.