ok, i've had my guitar for a few months, it's a epi les paul standards and i've had this problem with it ever since i changed the strings for the first time...everytime i tune up on the G and B strings, i hear this "popping" sort of sound near the nut or the tuning post (i can't tell which). I don't know if it has anything to do with it or not, but i also have tuning problems, after playing for a while i check the tuing and it's always sharp, so i tune back way down and then tune back up to picth. Then after a bit i look again and all my strings are really flat?!!! so yeah, anyone have any ideas on wat it could be?!
Your bad at changing strings. Thats pretty much seems to be the reason. If this wasn't happening before, then its something you did.

EDIT: Send it to a tech.
All can say is that the popping is eith from:

1. The string sliding between the nut grooves

2. Pressure on the string pulling on the poorly wound string around the post.
Learn how to change a string correctly. I'm not being a smartass or something, I mean it. And then, try and find out about locking tuners.

Ya i get this the odd time too. What I think is happending is that when you are tightening it, it doesnt want to move from the head stock nut. So when the force is great enough it kinda pops forward. I dont know if that made any sense, as i just put that together right now. And maybe its a different thing you are hearing then me. Like what I hear if sooooo very quiet.
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what i hear is quite sometimes, and it's pretty loud other times, so that makes sense, but it's also maybe cuz i'm not changing the strings properly, cuz it would stay perfectly in tune all the time when i first got the guitar, so yeah, idk, i'll take it to a tech, thanks ppl