Your not doing it right.Not to be mean or anything but thats just not how it goes dude.
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You need to play with your guitar lower. A guitar as cool as that should be strung lower (and cooler).

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Ehr... try playing with a backingtrack or the original song, listen to the song and try playing along with it then you'll eventually nail it. I don't mean to offend you but have you actually heard the song?
It doesnt sound like you've ever heard the song. This was really bad... You butchered one of my favorite songs.
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Is doesn't sound like Orion at all, is like something improvised, but definitively not Orion. The title of the thread should be "3/4 Orion by Blackskall".
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woa, never would have guessed it being orion. or anysong matter of fact. You need to get the rythem down, and it doesn't even sound like your hitting the right chord. the e string should be palm muted, and a should be 7 and the d should be 5
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Guitar's out of tune, and the playings a lot different from the original. Play along to the original so you can figure out the picking rhythms and whatnot. Also, if you want a backing track, go to www.guitarbt.com
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That was horrible. Have you ever listened to the actual song???
i'll pretend i didnt hear that, listen to the actual song before you try to play it.
Im starting to agree with the others man,

Im gonna say you havent heard the song but if you did you dont deserve that guitar man..
the rhythm goes like this man:


like i said on ur myspace comment board.

...stick to Mudvayne covers if ur gonna butcher em cuz no-body cares bout their songs being mangled
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give me a ****ing break, i mean christ this is my 2nd video, and my 1st major song. I double checked it and i have everything right except for the intro, just the wrong rythm, i apreicate the suggestion, i'll play with the backing tracks and get everything right. But all the rude comments weren't ****in nessicary.

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Actually bro, you didnt have a single note in the right place.
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I'm not gonna critique your playing...that's been covered already. If this is your first major song, that may have been your mistake. I wouldn't have posted something like this so soon.
But if you're gonna do it, you have to take the good with the crap. Guitarists are a nasty breed...you ever hear the old joke "How many guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Answer: "One to do it and six others to say they can do it better."
If you're gonna do this again, I'd say wait. Find a backing track to a song and play with it till you nail it perfect every time. Then post it...maybe you won't get harshed on so bad next time around.
However, you know what they say about first impressions...
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you're playing it wrong. and it sounds like your guitar is out of tune.
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you win my good sir

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