I've been playing electric guitar for about 2 years now, and when I play fast stuff for long periods of time, the pick sort of gets away from my fingers.

Now I play with the pick in my index and thumb, closed fist, but when I play with my index and thumb but with my other fingers not closed, but also not anchored and it kind of helps me not lose the pick when playing fast, better with palm muting also but i like the independence of a closed fist.

how can i prevent the pick from coming away from my fingers?
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Glue it to your fingers? LOL

I lose the pick too when playing on occasion. I don't really care, just lick a few picks and stick 'em on the guitar for back-up.
Pretend that if you drop your pick, you lose your man hood. That should solve the problem.
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If you want to get really technical, you have a fundamental technique problem where you are applying force in a direction where it is not needed; a true stroke through the string should not dislodge the pick.

Slow down and make sure that when you pick you are using the most efficient movement possible

or scratch grips into your picks.....
Sometimes my pick flies out of my fingers for no apparent reason. It's like, I'm strumming and getting high and stuff...suddenly...woosh!
yeah, that happens to everyone, don't worry about it, as Nick_ said, it's a technical problem but it's very easily fixable, just keep practicing and with experience it'll come, just hold on to the pick tighter and try to not pick as hard