I just got this guitar tonight from a local pawn shop and have been trying to get it cleaned up, I think it sounds pretty good but I think I would rather have the Emg 81/85 Zakk Wylde Active set on my guitar instead of the Emg-HZ Passive Pickups.

I don't think they got as much as a punch as the Active Emg's. But my dad said he dosen't want me to mess with the pickups or anything.
I think the only thing that needs changed is the strings because they look aged. The guitar looks like its only about 2-3 days old. Can anyone tell me how to get a good like metal sound out of it Like Zakk Wylde. I am a really big fan of Zakk and Dimebag Darrell , that is basically the reason I want better pickups.

Can anyone recommend any pedals or pickups that give you a really good metal/Distortion sound ?
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Toneblaster maybe?
Put Gain up at 8, 9, 10.

Try something like that.
Or test out some pedals at your local guitar store.
Or look at buying a larger amp if you would like.