hey guys i'm ready to install an evolution pickup in my "frankencrap" evh 5150 ripoff, which i'll use as a beater guitar, but do you guys have a wiring diagram or know where to find a wiring diagram for installing a 1 humbucker / 1 volume knob configuration? i found one here http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/product/WDUH0101 except it was pretty vague for a n00b like me. thanks
haha sorry man, I mean i haven't tried looking at the wires yet, but i know I'd get confused by the color coding. hey thank's by the way, that makes it a lot easier.
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Basically there's four wires, one from each of the two poles on the coils. For normal installation you need to splice together the two wires (black and white for Dimarzio) that will connect the coils together, that leaves two wires, one (green)is the ground and usually solders to the back of a pot, and the other is the hot output which will connect to the volume pot. The bare wire is also a ground
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