Im thinking of changing strings to 10-52's because i am often playing in lower tunings (like drop B and drop C) but im also in drop d quite a bit. so if i am in drop D or standard with 10-52's will the strings have too much tension and be hard to play with?
Yeah, I use 10-52s in standard on all of my guitars, took a slight truss rod adjustment and an intonation check but it's all good. I've been using 10s since I started playing, so soloing was neither harder nor easier. But the fat bottom strings add a nice bit of meat to riffs and also don't go sharp if you hit them hard which is nice for live playing.
i have a string through body, so changing from 9's to 10's, will i have to adjust anythin?
Probably not (I'm just a little pedantic) but you may need to check the width of the grooves at the nut for the lower strings, they may not be wide enough to let the thicker bottom strings slide through easily.