i just got back from an awesome local jazz gig, feeling more jazzed up than ever, eager to get the electric fretless im planning on getting soon. upright basses seem to be the most difficult things to get a hold of, and are very expensive, but the fretless is very cheap and easier to carry round etc, particularly since i dont have a car/van or anything like that. thing is, id like to get involved with jazz, but using the fretless. can stuff like walking bass sound good on fretless? please say yes. if it doesnt sound good, well, dont lie, and tell me so. but i cant see how it cant be all that worse! upright bass has more of a 'boom' to it, but surely the fretless can still sound good in fields such as walking, e.g. with the right amp and the right player.

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It will be no problem, you can even try it on a fretted bass and not be excommunicated. The frettless bass is just closer to an uprights classic sound because of the wood and your fingers making the note, not the metal frets. Its more about what you play and how you play it. You'll be fine
Yes--it can sound good, but you do need to make some adjustments. I managed on a fretted bass and it would imagine its even easier on a fretless.

I struggled with getting the jazz sound on a passive bass for a long time. Honestly, what helped me was an article I read recently where James Genus gave the best advice I heard for trying to approximate a upright sound on an electric bass guitar. You have to adjust your attack on an electric bass and compensate your touch to keep the notes "back" a bit, and not let the notes "ring" as much. Think about playing an upright when you are playing your electric helps keep you keep this in mind as well.

[EDIT]Btw, who performed at the gig?
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You can also make it sound more like an upright if you pluck the strings over the neck rsther than over the pick ups.
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