well he saw his shadow and nows its going 2 be spring earlier
o....k...... then
personally i think its just another conspiracy set up by card companys and candy factorys.....
just another excuse to make another bunch of cards and groundhog shaped choclates w/ dark chocolate shadows and white chocolate shaped absense of shadows
its probabvly also tied in a way that people think spring is coming earlier so they sell more mother's day cards (that holiday is also a conspirucy IMO)
this whole holiday is a joke
it can eithre be 6 more weeks of winter, or 6 more week until spring. either way its the same amount of time. its jsut a ghey holiday to trick people... what sounds better? 6 weeks of winter or 6 weeks until spring... the second one of course (if you like warm weather).
he gets scared cause there's all those fucking people screaming at him, not his shadow...
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I was hoping in their characters....arabic?
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he gets scared cause there's all those fucking people screaming at him, not his shadow...

+1, good point
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actually if he sees his shadow, then spring is going to be late our groundhog in GA who has a 95% accuracy rate didnt see his shadow. but i dont beleive in that bullshit
Actually, he didn't see his shadow.....that's why spring is supposed to be eralier. Supposedly if he sees his shadow he gets scared back into his hole and hibernates for another 2 weeks or something.

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yeah i live like a half hour from the weather capital... i don't really get much of a kick out of it i mean i walk out of my way to kill the little buggers why wouldi get up early and go watch him ... it's stupid