in liek the songwriting and lyrics forum, it says one song per day, and 2 per week.but wat if i delete my other 2 posts, then can i post 2 more in the same week? also, how do you delete a thread you posted? im sorry thats really noobish sounding, but i couldnt find any kind of delete option. any help would be greeat.thx
No, don't do that in the Songwriting forum. And just so you don't, I won't tell you how to delete.

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Click the "Edit" button in the bottom left of your post. It will redirect you to a page with 2 buttons at the top, one for Delete, and one for Do Not Delete.

Do Not Delete is defaulted, so change it to delete, and then scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes", this will delete your post.

To delete an entire thread, just delete the thread's very first post (which has to be yours).

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