Ok, well I think this is the right place... I have a computer microphone but it's nearly impossible to record the guitar with it because it barely picks up the sound. Now I heard that if I get a 1/4-1/8 adapter then I can record the guitar directly into the computer. But I looked at it at a website and it kind of gives the impression that you need a mac, or IGarageband or whatever.

Well I guess I'm just asking if you need any kind of software to record it into. I used to have Audacity and I can download that again. Will that work?

Oh by the way, I just want to record chords to improvise over at least.
How I record:

1) I use a 1/4 to 1/8 converter on my amp's headphone out jack

2) With a double-ended 1/8 headphone cable (like you'd use to connect an MP3 player to the "Audio In" on a stereo system)

3) Connect the adapter in the headphone jack to a port labelled "Digital I/O" on your sound card

4) Play into a recording program such as Audacity (google it, it's pretty good for a free proggy)

I've done a few recordings this way and I'm getting a really nice clean tone out of it.

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I sometimes record acoustic stuff through a compute mic, just for fun. Its not the crappy mic included with the computer though. Its slightly better. Sounds decent at best.