I'm about to get a new comp and all my songs are in a library in itunes on my old comp. So if i get itunes for my new comp and plug my ipod in does that mean all my old songs will be gone?
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I don't remember where, but it explains how to transfer music from computer to computer through your iPod.
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K, here's what ya do.

Go into your current iTunes.
Plug in your Ipod.
Right click and enable disk use.
Unplug, plug into new computer.
When it asks you if you want to make the current Itunes your Ipod library, click NO (if you dont everything goes away)
In my computer, double click the iPod under "removable drives"
go into the menu (i think view) and select "show hidden files"
Go into the newly revealed folder (i think music?) and double click it, with some exploring you should come to a folder with a bunch of folders with names like "43X" and stuff like that. Open them all and drag them onto your new comp. It'll look like a bunch of random letters and stuff, but if you drag them into Itunes then it registers all them as music.

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