My quest...... the road to fame. Ok for those of you who dont know me, im 16, and my names Ryan Roach. I might come off cocky and yes i do apologize. Im like really serious about playing guitar, being in a band, and making it to the bigtime. Its like my passion. What i want to know is, if im going to pursue this almost impossible goal. What are the steps i should acheive, some goals i need to give myself. I play my guitar way too much, haha i suffer from carpel tunnel like all the time it hurts. I know all this sounds dumb unrealistic, but its the truth. I really want to be a famous musician. Iv been producing music for like 5 years( techno and like 4 months hip hop producing) so yeah any idea's?

P.S Only healthy criticism and oppinions, and ideas
If you really suffer carpal tunnel, I doubt you'll be playing long enough to do anything.
lol well not all the time i get it occasionally i guess, it was more of a guitar player joke. ill admit it was nto funny at all lol... but please leave some ideas and stuff and stop looking for things to critisize me on im trying to get answers lol
If you've been doing this that long, then stick with it. I'd say for a start, play at some parties/bars or whatever when you get a band together. Oh, and when you do get a band together and start playing gigs- advertise the hell out of your band. Put flyers on every telephone pole you can find, put ads on bulletin boards at loacal music shops (if they let you), and look for show bookers. Basically spread the word like a suicide jumper on the pavement.
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Basically spread the word like a suicide jumper on the pavement.

Ahahha thats a gooder LOL!
If you want to be a "famous" musician, join a famous band. If you want to a professional musician, work on your craft, make the "right" connections, move to a city with a good music scene.
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I wouldn't advise playing music to get famous, play music for yourself and to have fun. If your sole reason for playing guitar is to get famous, it might work well as a motivator when playing in your bedroom 10 hours a day, but when u actually get famous you might realize that its not for you. Fame is not impossible, in my opinion there are 3 ways to get there: 1. Be a good song-writer. 2. Become a virtuoso at guitar. 3. And Luck (right place at the right time)

Just because your a god at your instrument does not mean you will make it. How many famous bands like Dream Theater do you see? Not many. This is because they are not just virtuosos but they have good song-writing skills and were very lucky.

So don't make becoming famous your passion, but make guitar your passion. And remember practice makes perfect.
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You willing to go through hardships the likes of which you've never been through before? The question is - as cheesy as it sounds - is do you really want to do this? The whole thing about musicians and poets being isn't just a phrase, it's a reality. If you're going to want to do this fulltime, you have to be willing and able to give up everything. Find out where you need to be and what you need to do to get there. There will hard times ahead; times harder then you could have possibly conceived happening. You want to give this your absoulte best shot, you'd better get used to living in digs with barely enough money to live off of.
It's not as easy path, and so few people have the balls to actually go after it. The problem with so many people like yourself, is you want to be a musician, you want the fame of being a musicians. All red carpets and millions in the bank and cocaine induced orgies. But you haven't got anything to say to the world, you've got nothing people want to know about.
There's millions of guitar players out there in bands who 'want to make it big'; why are you any more important than any of the others? What've you got to give that nobody else can possibly give? Why should a record company look twice at you instead of any other band?
But just remember, 'acheivment requires risk, and risk abhors safety' (Tucker Max). Effectively meaning, you cannot cut this path for yourself in the world and still keep yourself well off and doing well. In some cases - Garrett on here for example - it is possibly to be a professional musician while doing a mundane day job in order to pay the bills.

To conclude, I can see how it would come across as such, but this isn't a personal dig at you. Just figure out for yourself that this is definately what you want, and you truly are - and you mean it in the deepest parts of your heart and soul, not just buying into some catch phrase - willing to go through hell and high water to get it. If you do, then as soon as you can, move to a big city where you're more likely to get noticed by people. Put yourself out; don't limit yourself to one band/genre/whatever and only take decent gigs as that. Take everything you get and play with as many people in as many different environments as you can. Go to jam nights, play free gigs, play battle of bands, all kinds of things. Play with other people and learn from other people; remember that most people have something to bring to the table that you can take away and learn from. But don't take without giving, people won't like you for that.

And, last of all, good luck with it all. If you truly have the balls to go ahead and pursue this, you deserve to get what it is you want.
The guy above me is right. As i am hunting this dream that you also seek. It is in no way easy. Let me tell you some of the things you may not see coming. Practice We practice 5 times a week. To get as solid as we can. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So if you have a personal life just forget it. If you have a gf might as well brake up with her now before she breaks up with you for not putting enough into you relationship happened to me our drummer and our Lead Guitarist, were all single now. If were not practicing were promoting we have mastered whoring our selves out like absolute sluts. Every waking moment is put toward making this band as big as it can get. If were not playing or promoting. We are learning about music theory or Production or arrangment. If you want to make it, it takes absolute devotion.

We have been at it for about 2 years and our finally getting somewhere we play out for paying gigs. We have made some connections with the local radio station. And have talked to a few A&R scouts for some national indie labels and one major label. Hopefully will get signed soon and take a real shot at this who knows. We all live paycheck to paycheck with barely enough money to pay the bills and still maintain equipment. Saving up for months to cut a 4 song demo which were almost at. If you want to take a shot at this go for it as the rewards are probably great i dont know yet but its very hard. I have gone days living off very little food or no food because i dont have the money because i had to buy flyers or something.

All i can say is best of luck.
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Ahahha thats a gooder LOL!


Sorry, but I thought that was funny.

Also, on topic, it is incredibly hard to become famous if you're dedicated to music, you need the scene and everything. There are so many dedicated/talented bands out there, but they're aren't popular and don't the fame that you want.

And, whalepudding, you need more posts to be double me now, lol n00b.
its not all impossible its more of practicing hard and as mch as you can and playing at the right places at the right times i;m in a signed band i know what im talking about but it is very extreme hard work
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