Anyone herd of them? I've only herd Hell and high water, but I almost pissed my self when I herd something semi mainstream with a solo. Are all of their songs like this?
I heard Rain Wizard and its really rockin' and its got a pretty sweet solo. I think their whole catalog is like that Southern/Modern twist rock.
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I find a lot of their stuff is very similar to megadeth


They are a very good band. I have their CD and it's awww-mazing! Lonely Train is prolly my favorite song on it. They take classic rock and put a little heavier twist on it. Their stuff is really good. I like it cause they put solos in their songs and they are a half-way mainstream band and it has solos, like St. Jimmy said. I suggest you guys check them out, very good! Most def. worth the buy!
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it's a bad mix of rock and metal. i can listen to them, but only a few songs at a time. thier whole CD starts to run together after awile.

i probably wouldn't recomend picking up thier CD.
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Are they good? never heard them .need reccomendations for songs by them!
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they do have a few good songs, Lonley Train (i think that's the name) was thier first single and it was okay.
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Rain Wizard and Shooting Star are alright. I really like their album, you should check them out
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great band, great album IMO. classic/southern rock with a modern/heavier twist...........and the definately don't sound like megadeth lol. My fav. song is Rollin' On
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^^ seeriously listen to Megadeths Risk album and listen to the guitar work and you will see


Quote by Lost_Rose
I find a lot of their stuff is very similar to megadeth

well, lost rose, the thing about that is... NO! And as far as Risk goes, many deny Risk to even be a real Megadeth album. BLS is great though. They are somewhat similar to Brand New Sin. They are both sort of modern southern rock, except brand new sin is slightly heavier. But Rain Wizard and Backwoods Gold are awesome songs.
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Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

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Hell and High Water
Intro (lead)/
Verse(2x): Bb A° Ab G+ Gb F Bb F

Chorus: Db C Bb Ab Gb Ab
Db C B Bb Gb Ab
Db Db7 Gb Eb
Db C Bb Ab Gb Ab Db

1, 2: to Verse
Ending: Db C Bb Ab Gb Ab Db B Bb Ab [stop] Db
Awesome band. amazing music
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