i know absolutely nothing about guitars (or at least how they're built), so i need some help with something.

the output jack on my guitar is suddenly not working, and i need to know what the reason might be. i know its not the amp or anything, and im not sure what the hell is wrong with it, although its probably REALLY obvious.

anyways, yeah, i need help
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what kind of guitar is it?....and did you hit it with somehting to make the wires loose or somehting?
What kind of guitar?

With my Epi special SG, my output jack was messed up too, weak solders(sp?) You might have to take of the back plate depending on what kind of guitar it is to check to make sure theres no loose wires.
you might just have a bad jack....take it to a local guitar shop and have them check it out.
Yeah i figure it was an sg, just get a screwdriver, and take of the plate at the back. You will be able to see the output jack, check to see if there are any loose wires.