Yeah this is a stupid question,but what do you use to make those guitar solo sounds(Like most old bands[Black Sabbath,Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, etc] solos and blues solos),for some reason my distortion switch isnt fitting the sound i really want.
u need a better pedal. lookin at your equipment, digitec grunge is one of the shittiest damn distortion pedals ive ever heard. idk about the fab metal tho.
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I think ill go to my local guitar shop and browse through their amps and see which ones sound good
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you probably just suck at guitar

No, thats probably NOT it.
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No, thats probably NOT it.

this is why i sometimes hate posting here cause there will be a jerk that sometimes wil answer
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you need a better amp,not a pedal. (so do i, im saving up for a mesa)

Me too! I'm getting an F-50 model.

To the threadstarter, here's some tips to get the sound. Different artists do different things.
Some use a tubescreamer to boost their solos.
Some use contour to boost them.
Some simply turn up the volume or the gain.
And, you should definitely get a tube amp.
Hope this helps.

Edit - And I reported that jerk up there.
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You need a tube amp!
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Get a fuzz pedal, like a big muff. Go to your local store and try it, if you like it, get it.
hmmm is saving up for a Fender FM 100 Head a good idea or should i go for another(keep in mind that i dont want anything over the $500 dollar mark since that'll take me over a year cause i dont get alot of money for allowences and i dont have a job[considering the fact that I'm 14])