ok.. i know there are 4 knobs on the lp. starting from the bottom left to right, its volume and tone for treble pickup and volume and tone for neck pickup. anyways, i own a epiphone les paul custom and i had to modified with new pickups and coil tapping. but i had this problem even when i had to stocked. whenever i lower the treble volume all the way down, i can still hear my guitar unless i lower the neck pickup volume down all the way down too. then its silence. but when i turn on the single coil mode for the treble, the volume won't die out for the treble unless i turn down both volume knobs. this is normal for an epiphone lp or am i having some wiring problems?? if so is it easily fixable selfwise or should i have a pro do it
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i can turn the volume all the way down by only using one knob
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