I just got paid, and im thinking about going out to by a mic for my toshiba laptop so i can record things (obviously guitar). Now i was wondering what would be the best mic for me to get, i have a crate 15 watt amp, gt i think or something like that and a Fender MIM Strat.

If i were to buy a mic, does it come with a program or just the mic?
And could you tell me what store you bought yours at.
No online stores, i dont feel like waiting and dont have a credit card.

Thanks for your help.

If you want a decent mic, you'll need a new soundcard, with a "line-in", as well as something to plug your mic into, like a mixer or analog to digital converter.

You're best bet is to find some sort of USB or firewire interface that you can plug into your computer that has XLR inputs (with phantom power). Something like a digidesign m-box would be perfect, but they're a bit expensive, so you can definitaly get cheaper alternatives... Behringer (company) makes some cheaper alternatives, and they usually have quality stuff.

After you get that, you can pick up any decent mic and record.

Shure SM-57 is an amzing all around recording microphone.
I need a new sound card?
My laptop is pretty new, you dont think it will due?
Its my dads work laptop though, so i dont want to be putting to much money into it, save that for when i get my own.
A 57/digital interface combo will do the trick, but don't expect amazing results with the amp you're using. If you have a guitar multiFX you're better off running the ouput of that into the line in of your laptop until you can afford a better amp.

Only reason I say this is that 15 watt prectice amps tend to be noisy, and SM57s are also a little noisy themselves, so if you can bypass those two steps with a multifx you'll wind up with a much cleaner, nicer sound.

However if you simply must use a mic, the SM57 is a good cheap option, also worth a look is it's cousin the Beta57 (slightly crisper top end). Both of those are good mics and are nice and cheap. But if you have a bit of cash to blow, I'd reccomend a Sennheiser e609, I do a lot of recording of all sorts of bands (engineer) and I almost always use one (in conjunction with a large diaphragm condensor but they're expensive as hell) and their sound is perfect for guitars (makes sense since that's what they were designed for)

Well, that's my 2 cents, good luck man

Edit: Also, if you stick with dynamic mics you won't need to worry about phantom power
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Ok thanks alot Webyl Himself

I have a digitech rp80, and you said something about multi effects pedals, what would i need if i wanted to do what you said?
It's pretty simple, you'll need some recording software (Audacity is good if you want free and are just starting out with recording), Run the output of your FX pedal into the line in on your laptop (should be marked by a little microphone looking picture if it's a PC laptop) using a 6.35" to 3.35" adapter. After that it's just a matter of hitting record.
Ok great, thanks Webyl. That helped alot.
And i should be able to pick that adapter up at Future shop or Staples or something along those lines for a decent price?
(last question i swear)

edit: i thought id check out that myspace in your sig, music is excellent man. Keep up the good work.
Yeah any electronics store should have them for a few bucks, won't be hard to find.

And cheers for the positive feedback, look forward to hearing your stuff man!
SM57's a good choice for a microphone. No it doesn't include software as microphones are not sold as digital PC Hardware. You'd be able to route the XLR to an 1/8" in on your laptop, however you may look into a firewire or USB interface which will act as a preamp and as soundcard/interface. Ask at your store they should be able to help you find something.

I've purchased most of my gear at multiple places, but if you're living in Canada Long and McQuade is a good start, honestly very reasonable prices, and good service.