I am getting a Fender Blues Junior amp and i was wondering if it is loud enough to hear over my drummer?
Umm...sure. You wont get a clean sound out of it. It will be pretty saturated. 15watts through a single 12" speaker isnt all that loud, IMO. Not in a band situation anyways.
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Blues junior has the big plus of being all valve, which is what you want for blues.

But I don't think it'd be loud enough to last you into playing gigs, I'd go for something bigger, at least 30W tube or 60W solid state depending on budget.
You'll have to crank it pretty loud. That shouldn't be a problem, it's just that you won't be able to go too much higher over your drummer. Also, in response to kurdtkobaign, you can get a clean sound out of a cranked tube amp. Just lower your guitar's volume.
Depends on your drummer if whether he's a psycho or not.
I have seen psycho's where even a 30watt tube can't be heard over.

I know, he's a gorilla.

yes, since it's tube (I think), you will get to crank it, I am not so sure about lowering the guitar's volume to get a clean sound though.
mine clears a drummer no problem. but like said depends on the type of music u play.

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Rolling back the volume on my guitar works wonders at getting a cleaner tone at higher amps volumes. How do you think Hendrix and others did it back in the day?
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It'll be fine, I've got a Blues Jr and I've jammed with drummers loads, definately does it well.
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I am getting a Fender Blues Junior amp and i was wondering if it is loud enough to hear over my drummer?

Lots of folks here gig with the Blues Jr. As long as your drummer isn't Keith Moon, you should be ok.

If volume's a real concern for you, you might consider taking your budget and buying something used. I regularly see used Fender Hot Rods go for the same price as a new Blues Jr, or even less. My personal preference, but I wouldn't want to gig with less than 30W.
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