Hey guys. I use a Kustom Quad DFX 65 and a Greg Bennet A6. It works for most hard rock like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, but lacks gain for some newer stuff like Piller, Atreyu, Chevelle, Tool, Killswitch Engage, and others. I'm not picky about exact eq and things. I just want that particular amount of gain. So heres the question. What kinda pedal should I get for this kind of music? Would a Boss DS1 work as a boost for my lead channel or should I get something to rely on for my heavy gain? I have one final question and don't flame me for asking. Are Behringer distortion pedals junk?
god don't get a DS-1. they're nice for the cost, but you're better off with something a bit more pricey. as for what, i don't know exactly. i play a MD-2 and i love it.
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Behringer distortion pedals are useful as a signal booster, just turn all the settins to zero and use the level to throw your amp into the desired amount of overdrive.

I'd reccomend a dedicated boost pedal, just something to make your signal louder as it goes into the amp, then lets your amp do the rest and oyu fiddle with the EQ (from memory Kustoms are mostly tube amps so this should sound lovely). However, if you want something to do a bit more of the wprk for you, I'd go for something loud like a Tubescreamer, Ibanez TS9 or DS7. Ibanez distortion pedals are nice and loud and crunchy so they'll help you get the adge that all of those bands use.
That helps some. I like a my hi-gain pretty much on the metalish edge like Atreyu and Killswitch Engage. Oh and my price range is in the $70-85 area. Cheaper wouldn't hurt though.
try a marshall jackhammer on top of your amp's overdrive
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