when composing a song, what is the formula for determining which chords will suit the sound of a scale. For example, what chords fit the g minor pentatonic scale?
I'm guessing based on the Circle of 5ths chart:

I-IV-V chord formula would be G-C-D?
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Almost anything that fall in the scale: Gm, A#m, Cm, Dm...

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chords in the key of g minor
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thanks guys, is there a formula though? I know for a major scale the formula is : 1st note - maj or maj7, 2nd - min or min7, 3 - min or min7, 4 - maj or maj7, 5 - maj or dom 7, 6 min or min7, 7 - dim or min7, 8 maj or maj7 (octave).... im just wondering if there is a similar forumla that applies to the minor pentatonic shape?
im not neccessarily looking for any specific sound, im just wondering what chords are available for me to use in the key of g minor, as i will be using licks composed from g minor pentatoic