I'm a fairly fast guitarist...I can do legato runs, sweep pick, tap, etc. at pretty high speeds, but my playing is only moderately clean. Anybody have suggestions for how I can improve my cleanliness whilst playing fast stuff? Here's an example... the first little solo thing is just arpeggiated major and minor chords but I have a bit of trouble not hitting other notes, and the sweeping is clean on the way up but not the way down...

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Slow down whatever is sloppy and work your up until is it both clean and fast.

It's a very simple solution that will take you many hours to actually apply.
If you're not already, you should practice with a clean tone so that any mistakes are easily noticable.

I think there are two oppinions on this subject, the first is the one I have suggested, the other is that you should practice with whatever tone you usually play with.

I don't like the latter as gain tends to cover up sloppiness - especially with picking accuracy.
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One of your hands are getting out of sync with the other. I can't tell if it's the picking hand or the fretting hand, but you are definitely losing that fluid motion part way through. You need to slow things up and gradually increase your speed until you begin to get sloppy, then try to examine which hand is falling short. If you don't want to do it to a clean tone, you can toss your gain down to about 2 or 3(depending on amp/gear) to give you a nice mix between and overdriven sound and a clean sound. This will allow you to hear the mistakes like you normally would on a clean channel, but also allow you to have a little of that overdriven tone to it as well.
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The answer lies in the title of the thread. Play cleanly, and slowly, and make sure that each note is distinct.
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Put your amp on clean.

Play the riff slow(ex 100 bpm), with perfection (the way you want to pick it when you play fast and all)

Then play it faster(ex 120 bpm)

Back to 100, then try 130, 100, 140, 100, 150, or whatever increments you prefer till you get to as fast as you want.

When you play slow and the way you want to pick and all, your muscles "memorize" what you play and then you will eventually play the riff cleanly.
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Slow down whatever is sloppy and work your up until is it both clean and fast.

It's a very simple solution that will take you many hours to actually apply.

this is pretty much the end all be all of correct solutions, you just need to slow down to a point where you can play cleanly and accurately beginning to end, if you can't do it slowly then practice it slowly 'til you can, then slowly speed up
- Turn off the distortion (helps for knowing if you play clean)
- Play as slow as you need to play it PERFECTLY CLEAN
- Train at that "perfect slow" speed until you can speed up but make sure you still are playing it perfectly clean...

You have to play clean before playing fast... playing fast but not clean isn't playing.. it's sloppy'ing loll